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Best Tantric Massages in Barcelona

There are few experiences in life like erotic massage in Barcelona, as they can be tremendously relaxing and at the same time exciting. In general therapeutic massages will help you relax a bit and get rid of the stress of work, but let’s face it, these types of therapies are often short-lived. That’s why tantric massages are best, in Barcelona or elsewhere. The release of tensions and the recharge of energy that erotic massages brings you, has no comparison possible.

There are thousands of massage styles and techniques, and infinite ways to combine them. With years of experience and study, I am an experienced middle-aged masseuse, and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to provide you my personal recipe for therapeutic massage and sensuality. A selection of all knowledge that I have been acquiring over the years, and I continue acquiring through Tantra courses and other types of therapies. These are some erotic massages I can offer you in Barcelona:

Body to Body Massage with a Mature Masseuse

A body to body massage makes us feel each other’s body in a very intimate and erotic way. It is indescribable how beautiful it becomes, the gentle rubbing of skin against skin, our bodies gently covered by natural oils, mutual caresses and hands running the curves covered by the faint candlelight.

Nude massage

A nudist massage is more exciting and sure that you prefer to feel the body of your mature masseuse completely naked. You will feel a deeper and more intimate connection with the nude massage, but if you prefer it to be half-naked it is also possible. If you prefer that I do the massage with fine and sensual lingerie no problem, my wish is that you feel comfortable and enjoy the massage to the top.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage for men is one of the best kept secrets of tantra. Although nowadays it uses the expression “happy ending massage“, but lingam massage is much more complete than a simple masturbation. To perform a linga massage it is essential to have studied tantric massage and to know the secret techniques of tantra.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a massage of the genital area of the woman, but should not be confused with simple stimulation of the clitoris to produce an orgasm. Yoni massage involves more areas, besides the clitoris, and causes multiple orgasms, female ejaculation or squirting. It also awakens the G-spot and can lead you to feel several G-spot or other orgasms.

Erotic massage for couples

In erotic massage for couples I offer the previous sensual massages but applied to couple. This massage session will always be adapted to you, focusing on that you feel relaxed, comfortable and can participate in tantric massage to the satisfaction of both members. This massage can include lingam massage (for the man) and yoni massage (for the woman), you can decide before the massage or during the session.

I can do the couple massage with a male masseur in Barcelona, so that each one has a masseuse and you can immerse yourselves in a sea of sensations.

Outcall Tantra Massage at Hotel

If you prefer, I can go to you ,to facilitate the erotic massage in your hotel room. Now you can have a mature masseuse in your home with a single call. In this case you will have to pay the displacement and book me in advance to prepare myself and to bring everything necessary for the massage. Although the massage is not in an erotic massages center, in the outcalls I take candles, incense and natural oils to create an atmosphere of relaxation in your hotel. The sensations will be the same as in a massage parlor, but in your home, this way you will save time moving. The best of all is that when you finish the massage you will be at home or hotel and you can stay happy, relaxed and / or sleeping.

If you have any questions, contact me.