masaje erótico para hombres

Erotic Massage for Men Barcelona

Erotic massage for men is based on a set of caresses with the purpose of stimulating and producing pleasure without genital contact. An intimate moment and exploration that men can receive not only for a sexual purpose, but also with healing objectives for mind and body.

An tantric massage for men is perfect to increase sexual desire, but also as an alternative to reduce stress and anxiety. A practice that must be carried out in a suitable environment, with no distractions and with the help of aromatic candles, incense and vegetable oils with different smells.

How to perform a tantric massage for men

Tantric masseuse‘s hands must be in permanent contact with man’s body. Performing movements are a gentle combination in both erogenous and non erogenous zones, trying to avoid to go straight to genital area. It can be going all over the body to get closer bit by bit to erogenous parts.

As massage progresses, man will feel more excitement. Once in the genital area, you can place oil on pelvis and gradually bring your hands closer to the most erogenous part. In short, find the best way to relax and give pleasure at the same time.

Tantra benefits for men

An erotic massage can refresh the whole body. Reinventing the relationship and strengthening mind and body can be two of the main benefits of this activity. However, there are a few more to keep in mind.

In addition to relax the body, a good tantra massage for men increases sensitivity and sensuality, even reducing shyness in future sexual intercourse. A way to invigorate body and fill it with energy, to the point of strengthening the immune system.

This type of massage treats depression, anxiety and stress in which people can get caught up in their daily life. It leaves a feeling of total well-being, both for sexual practice and for health in general.

All in all, sensual massage for men is an increasingly fashionable and widespread practice. A very pleasant activity for the senses, but also has multiple therapeutic and health effects.

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