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Happy Ending Massage Origin

Happy ending massage has its origin in Eastern culture, where both body and soul are considered to be linked, and must be in synchrony to find perfection. A massage with a happy ending is a therapy that stimulates all senses, which makes person who receives it feel such pleasure and satisfaction that he can even terminate with an orgasm. Through pleasure physically produced by massage, one can achieve emotional happiness and therefore total spiritual satisfaction.

Happy ending massage in Barcelona

This type of erotic massage is very relaxing and aims to excite the person sexually, always bearing in mind that you can never touch the erotic masseuse who practices it, so all we have to do is put ourselves at the disposal of his hands or part of his body with which we want to give it to us and enjoy it.

A happy ending massage is independent of sex, so it can be received as much by a man as by a woman. In this case, we also find massages quite well differentiated, as it can not be otherwise, due to the differences that exist between sexes, so there is a different way to do it and where pleasure is sought in different specific areas. These massages are known as lingam massage and yoni massage, both for men and women respectively.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is the happy ending massage that a man can receive. In this case, to perform the position for the massage, the man has to lie on his back, using cushions that lift both the torso and head, with legs comfortably separated and knees somewhat bent, so that genitals are completely exposed to the mature masseuse or the one who is going to perform the massage to make the job more effective.

To perform the massage, the masseuse will use sexual lubricant that will spread both lingam and testicles and begin to caress both areas gently, seeking pleasure of the person. The massage will increase intensity and speed with passing time, always the man adopting a passive posture, to culminate it with orgasm.

Yoni massage

As with the lingam massage, woman also has a specific happy ending massage where obviously, in this case, it is a matter of massaging her lower lips. In this case, the performance is similar and the attention of the yoni massage itself is finally focused on clitoris, the most sensitive organ of woman.

Taking advantage of sexual lubricant and stretching woman upwards, we will work from the breasts, covering them with oil and focusing on nipples, until going down towards lower area where it finally focuses on clitoris, trying to get the necessary stimulation to reach orgasm.

Manual relaxation, taken to its maximum splendor

Both lingam massage and yoni massage can be found in a specialized massage center, are usually performed by a tantric masseuse as they are good Asian massage, are included within the massage with tantra.

The technique of these massages is based on looking under small pressure points, erogenous body areas whose stimulation produces pleasure. In this way, these sensitive areas are caressed as well as clitoris and testicles, looking for that gentle stimulation, always away from a sexual point of view, so there is no penetration at any time. Everything works on the basis of stimulations and the task is to relax the person by massaging these erogenous zones.

In this way, the massage does not necessarily end in an orgasm, so it is perfectly possible to receive one of these previous massages and not end with it, hence you have to introduce happy ending, to know what you can expect from the massage itself at the end of it, as well as the culmination you are looking for.

In short, the most important thing is to know how to differentiate this type of massage from sex and although the result may be the same, especially if they end up in orgasm, keep in mind that the ceremony and stimulation to achieve it, really has nothing to do with each other.

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