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Lingam Massage in Barcelona

As with the Yoni massage for women, this is a tranta massage for men, a type of erotic massage that focuses on the male sexual organ, but will have direct repercussions on sexual relations and, therefore, will achieve better tantric orgasms and control of ejaculation. And with Lingam massage you learn to control ejaculation, among many other benefits.

Lingam Massage: Male Adoration

We’re not talking about just a kind of sexual massage, we are dealing with a tantric basis, which seeks above all spirituality, which understands sex as something that goes beyond purely carnal or physical.

Just as in Sanskrit Yoni means or refers to the sacred temple that is vagina, Lingam refers to the magic wand that represents penis and illuminates at the same time that it is embraced by Yoni. Its purpose is the expansion of consciousness through channeling sexual energy. Lingam massage does not have as its ultimate goal to achieve an orgasm, but to stimulate the energy that this erogenous zone possesses and to reach fullness, with union between body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

As we have mentioned, with this type of massage it is possible to control ejaculation effectively, since it allows concentration on sensations experienced before the orgasm and you learn to differentiate them. Through this massage, a mature masseuse in Barcelona prolongs the moment of orgasm due to successive stops, leaving aside the terrible habit of ejaculating too quickly, while maintaining high levels of pleasure for longer.

On the other side, as with any other massage, it is possible to diminish stress that is felt nowadays as a habitual norm, reaching remarkable levels of relaxation. This has health benefits such as increased production of endorphins, known as happiness hormones.

Another benefit is that it helps us to discover, distinguish and enjoy more intensely different erogenous zones of our own body, since the massage stimulates all areas of our skin, arousing pleasant sensations that we did not know, acquiring a greater knowledge about our own body and its possibilities.

We assume that Lingam massage will reactivate erotic desire, which is too often turned off and we do not give it the importance it has for a full and happy life.

How to do a Lingam massage

This massage begins with a gentle massage all over the body, initially avoiding Lingam. It can even be combined with a nuru massage that consists of moving body to body in a sensual way, increasing sensual energy in the erotic massage.

When you are fully relaxed, a small amount of oil is poured over Lingam and testicles, then massaging your testicles very gently.

The area of pubic bone above Lingam continues to be softly massaged, and then again the area between testicles and anus, the middle area or perineum.

Gently pinch the base of lingam with right hand and climb up the torso. Afterwards, the hand is pulled back and repeated with left hand. Repeat this movement several times, before taking Lingam by its upper part, to slide down its axis, we will repeat this process with left hand.

We must be careful because the head of Lingam is very sensitive and must be handled with special attention, massaging it with circular movements and trying to keep man close to orgasm, but not take it to the end, this will help significantly to control his ejaculation later in sexual encounters and, therefore, get more and better orgasms.

Always with your permission and without stopping massaging your Lingam, we can focus on localizing your sacred place, which is between testicles and anus. It is nothing more than a tiny orifice where we can massage and increase pressure very slightly. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, in the future it will help you to control your orgasms, if we see that you are going to ejaculate, we can press at this point, this will increase considerably the intensity of the orgasm you are enjoying.

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