Top 10 mature sexy actresses

Attractive Spanish and international Milfs

Few actresses manage to stand out equally showing not only interpretative skills, but also a natural beauty that remains the same over the years. Some of them have the luck to become attractive mature women with a wide cinematographic baggage behind them, mentioning the most desired by the public.

Monica Bellucci

Already when she started her professional activity at only 16 years of age, in her case as a model in the first place, she stood out for being extremely sexy. Monica Bellucci‘s most meritorious thing is to preserve her beautiful body and unmistakable face in spite of being almost 55 years old. Her inimitable beauty has been brought to light not only in Hollywood, but also in non-U.S. and non-Italian films. He even played a character from a Spanish film known as A los que aman.

Neus Asensi, madura española

Continuing with the Spanish theme, the national females of which the Iberian region boasts cannot be overlooked. Among the most attractive is Neus Asensi, born in Barcelona. Barcelona, in spite of having more than one and a half million inhabitants, is not home to too many mature people who are good to see in the cinema, so it is to be thankful that at 53 years old the actress who participated in Torrente continues to be visually so desirable. This mature Barcelona actress continues to participate in Spain’s most important film productions.

Llum Barrera, another mature made in Spain

Continuing with the national product it is inevitable to speak of Llum Barrera, the actress in her fifties who made herself known to the whole country (Spain) with her character in Aquí no hay quien viva. The passage of time has not been bad for the Mallorcan, but quite the opposite, since today is sexier than ever.

Alexandra Lencastre

It’s time to cross the Spanish borders, but you don’t have to go far to find real Bellezones. Specifically in Portugal was born Alexandra Lencastre, actress who every time she publishes her own photograph in her Instagram profile receives tens of thousands of likes. And no wonder, as the blonde, blue-eyed female continues to dazzle with her beauty.

Dobrina Cristeva

It’s hard to believe that Dobrina Cristeva, by the name she has, is Mexican. But this popular actress was born in Bulgaria, a country that was astonished by her beauty. She has worked with directors of the stature of Alfonso Cuarón, who have been delighted to be able to bring to television and even to the big screen a professional of great talent and enormous attractiveness..

Maud Adams, una mujer muy sexy

Being a “Bond girl” is no match for anyone, and yet Maud Adams participated in three 007 films. Certainly it was decades ago, but at 73 he still delights his fans with a sensual physical presence every time he makes an appearance in public. She is an experienced woman in the film industry with a great filmography, being one of the most mature of the list.

Kristina Wayborn

Kristina Wayborn, also born in Sweden, as the actress previously mentioned, captivated the audience – and continues to do so – with impressive necklines and a face that, regardless of whether it is serious or smiling, always attracts the attention not only of men, but also of women who cannot help but be amazed at such a level of beauty.

Jamie Lee Curtis, ejemplo de mujer madura moderna

When talking about a modern mature woman who is attractive there are many individuals who automatically think of Jamie Lee Curtis. And that’s no mean feat, since it’s the perfect definition of those words, showing that short hair also suits women of considerable age. Her penetrating gaze is very remarkable, although the amazing body she shows off is not far behind.

Linda Fiorentino

The Italian beauty does not end in Monica Bellucci, since the last two sexiest actresses are also related to the European country. In the case of Linda Fiorentino, her parents were Italians, although the country where she was born and raised was the United States. In Men in Black she visually dazzled millions of viewers and today she remains as attractive as before.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Almost forty films have had the privilege of counting on what for many is the sexiest mature actress not only from Italy, but also from the rest of the world. Absolutely everything is desirable, from her lips to the curves that characterise her, and she is used to wearing dresses that enhance her slender figure.

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