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What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage originally from Japan, more specifically in Kawasaki (川崎市 Kawasaki-shi), in Kanagawa Prefecture, between Tokyo and Yokohama. It should be no coincidence that in this Japanese city where Kanamara Matsuri is celebrated every spring, a famous Shinto festival that honors fertility, which is celebrated by worshipping the penis.


For this sensitive massage is used nuru gel, which is odorless and colorless, and it is important to note that both masseuse and client must be naked and smeared with gel. The main ingredient of the nuru gel is nori seaweed, which gives it a slippery and very soft texture. The body to body massage becomes more sensual and exciting with the physical contact of the whole body.


The sensations generated by the masseuse sliding with the nuru gel are magnified by the touch of the hands, forearms and legs, but above all by the chest and buttocks. For this reason the massage must be nudist. The gel provides various types of minerals from the algae.

There is some controversy with nuru massage, as in some countries it is not legal, because the offer is used to sell massage with camouflaged sex. On the other hand, in many countries the nuru massage is totally legal, and although it often includes sex, it usually ends with a lingam massage.

What has happened with this massage is similar to what happened a few years ago with tantra, and is that it was used to offer sex or camouflaged escort services. But in the end, over time, centers that offer real tantric massage endure and clients learn the difference. Quality ends up being more relevant than camouflaged sex.


An erotic massage floor must be equipped with a special bed or futon to give nuru massage. The gel is very slippery, so you have to cover the futon and the base so that it does not spread outside the massage area. Before booking a nuru service, ask if the center or floor has the necessary material for the experience to be perfect and make you feel the characteristic excitement of the body to body with the masseur.

The texture of the gel and its natural ingredients make it compatible with the lingam massage for the male genitals and also for the yoni massage of the female genitals. The same for anal and prostate massage in the case of men. The previous experience of the woman who gives this service is important, so it is always better that it is a mature masseuse who offers it.

It is not advisable to do the massage from nuru to hotel, as hotels in Barcelona or any other city are not prepared to use the gel in the tantric massage. For the home-delivery service, natural oil is used, which also has a large number of properties.

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