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What Tantric Massage is for me

My inner awakening with tantric massage

What is Tantra? The depth of the subject is such that it does not give this article to define what Tantric philosophy consists of. But I am going to give my personal testimony of transcendence that Tantra has meant in my life, how I discovered it and the wonderful journey I have felt since the inner awakening of my own essence. I am a mature masseuse who is proud and in love with my job.

First of all I must say that Tantra is a philosophy of life, more than a set of techniques or just tantric massage. I like the definition of “yoga of touch“. To be a yogi or a tantrika you have to master several aspects: energy, breathing and conscious touch. It is important to understand it as a way to know and manifest the truth of who we are. The sadhana, or practice of a disciple apprentice of Tantra, teaches, for example, how to work and raise sexual energy in each tantric massage. It also helps to awaken chakras by opening them and transforming blockages into conscious love. Releasing blockages, traumas and conditioning can be a hard process, but necessary to totally free ourselves from material and emotional attachments of our life.

I learned the techniques of sexual energy management and meditation through various Tantra courses and Tantric massage workshops. I want to highlight two great masters from whom I have learned and continue to learn: first, Elma Roura, Tantric teacher with whom I started, and second, Gerard Ribó, with whom I continue to learn and deepen what truly Tantra is. It was a very valuable experience to share and learn from them. Both told me that it is a long way of personal work and probably one of the most complete and appropriate evolution for our days, because it integrates aspects of meditation, yoga, tantric massage, which help us grow, not only individually, but also through our relationship as a couple.

Erotic massage and Tantra

“Tantra massage includes some eroticism, however in erotic massage does not include Tantra” Osho

As Master Osho said, I fully share this concept because we are talking about two different concepts. Tantric massage tries to elevate sexual energy and move stagnant emotions to transcend ego, while erotic massage is purely sexual. Both are therapeutic and beneficial. Eroticism and sensuality are closely related, although they do not mean the same thing. These two massages are intended to stimulate or excite people using all techniques at our disposal.

Beyond erotic massage, seduction is present every day of our lives, with a deep look, passing by someone who attracts you, whispering in your ear, gently rubbing your skin or surprising your partner with fine sensual lingerie (something that makes the night especially better). For all this and more, eroticism is a cultural behavior that surpasses sexuality. Each person manifests eroticism in different ways, from a romantic dinner on the beach to a session of sadomasochism, a trio or couple exchange, are all ways of living sexuality and eroticism. We must be honest and define that it is pleasant and erotic for us to communicate to our partner. In a similar way to the process we do when giving or receiving a tantric massage or sexual healing for our physical and psychological integration it is necessary to give and receive with an honest open heart.

Tantra for Men – Lingam Massage

In my personal experience, after doing Tantra courses, I have learned to be more honest with myself by knowing my sexuality, releasing traumas and blockages. This liberation has allowed me to open myself to a deep and respectful relationship with myself. This is how I express it in every massage I give. I have seen that when I do my sadhana daily I feel more flexibility in my whole body, I am more positive in everything throughout the day and I have that inner peace that was hard for me to find. I feel much more active and bit by bit I am improving my tantra practices easily. In addition, I have observed an improvement in my physical and mental health, improving concentration, an aspect that is essential when giving tantra massage. Each massage is different and the concentration helps me adapt to the person who receives to guide him in his personal process. In short, there has been a before and after ‘discovering’ Tantra, learning very important tools for daily life, for my life and to continue evolving, which is what we all want.

Something wonderful and tremendously beautiful that I have learned in workshops of tantric massage has been Lingam massage for men. Lingam massage is given at the end of the session, it is the last part of erotic massage. The goal is not orgasm or ejaculation, but your sexual healing and personal growth. Its benefits are several, it helps to control premature ejaculation, fears and insecurities. This therapy is fundamental for the practice of Tantra.

If you want to explore everything your body can feel, visit my Tantric and Erotic Massage page to see which one you like best.

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