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Yoni Massage in Barcelona

Within a wide group of erotic massages specific to women, yoni massage, which falls precisely within tantra massages for women, is widely recognized for its effectiveness in achieving better and longer-lasting female orgasms and facilitate female ejaculation, among many other benefits.

Yoni massage, a side of tantra for women

The female genital organ is called Yoni according to the tantric massage tradition, just as Lingam is the name given to male genital organ. In these terms we can define Yoni as the sacred temple where embrace to the stick of light takes place, which is Lingam. Those who practice tantra, and therefore Yoni massage and lingam massage, understand their vital journey as an experience in which pleasure and sex as a technique of union between partners is something fundamental.

Concretely, Yoni massage is to make a tantric massage to woman, counting on complicity, eroticism, pleasure and feelings of intimate union with your partner. This massage is used to spend moments of true pleasure, a very sensual experience with which to approach each other. We must understand that its goal is not to seek an orgasm, even if it is not refused, and not to enhance it, but to control it, to increase pleasure in sexual relations that are going to happen.

How to do a Yoni massage

We will begin this massage by placing the woman lying on her back, we will focus on breathing to be increasingly slow and deep, towards relaxation.

It is important to create a comfortable, warm atmosphere, try to keep the room dimly lit, we can put quiet music on a low volume, candles and aromas that flood the room without saturating, and be aware that we have time and nothing is going to interrupt the session. We can also have a good range of massage oils by hand, all this will help us to achieve an experience that should be unforgettable.

Tantric massage for women, the evolution of female sexuality

Women lying down with legs open will be placed pillows and cushions to increase their comfort, as well as to elevate a bit so you can observe her genitals without effort.

For its part, the partner (or tantric masseuse) will sit between the legs and begin to make circular movements, soft and repeated, with hands impregnated with oil for better friction flow, massaging the entire body without reaching any erogenous zones. Only when, through your breathing, we note that you are completely relaxed, we will begin to massage the intimate areas gently.

The massage should cover legs, stomach, chest, breasts, clitoris, vagina, anus, and bit by bit, increasingly with more time and intensity, the massage will focus on Yoni.

We will pour oil on the venus mount and let it drip to the vagina lips, then massage upper lips from top to bottom, applying a pressure recommended by the protagonist, with index fingers and thumb from top to bottom.

The most pleasing point, sacta santorum of Yoni is the clitoris, an organ that is up to four times more sensitive than male sexual organ. Here we can stop and play by applying different types of pressure, with circular movements in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Then we can introduce the middle finger into the vagina and bend it gently towards the palm of your hand until we come across a spongy area, recognised as the woman’s G-spot. If we gently press and turn our finger on this surface, it can reach the most intense of orgasms with possibility of ejaculation, but as we have indicated this is not the goal, so, according to the signals we are giving, we can slow down the rhythm and pressure, and continue for longer with the game, delaying a while longer the final explosion of pleasure.

We can even massage the anus very carefully and with the rhythm marked by our partner, with circular movements we will be giving another type of pleasure, a mixture of excitement and relaxation.

Finally, do not forget that you can book a massage for women with your mature masseuse in Barcelona, to enjoy all the experience, maturity and professionalism you deserve in a massage as intimate as yoni or sacred area. Contact me through the form.

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